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“The Devil’s Advocate” is a weekly show from 4-6pm ET hosted by Mike Crute and Dominic Salvia. Mike has been a broadcaster since his college days at The University of Wisconsin where he met fellow “Devil’s Advocate” Dominic. Mike’s progressive voice was reactivated by joining Dom during their weekly production of “The Devil’s Advocate”. Mike is a passionate progressive while Dominic considers himself a social liberal and fiscal conservative who has been at odds with the basics tenets of the two main political parties and has gravitated towards the libertarian philosophy. Their lively discussion of the issues with leaders in the political world, and live at major rally’s and political conventions and events across the country provides a very entertaining and enlightening program. They were a top-rated show on WXXM FM in Madison and will undoubtedly continue to grow their fan base as they go national and more listener’s are able to tune in to “The Devil’s Advocate”.