Radio Ink: Can Liberal Talk Survive In Trump’s America?

Radio Ink: Can Liberal Talk Survive In Trump’s America?

Wisconsin will be home to a new liberal-leaning radio station starting today. Devil’s Advocate Radio is buying WRRD-AM (1510) from Craig Karmazin’s Good Karma Broadcasting. Devil’s Advocate Radio is owned by college roommates Dominic Salvia and Michael Crute, who also host a show which will be part of the new lineup.

Crute says he’s not really ready to flip the switch on yet, “But time stops for no man. We will introduce the format and the morning host, Earl Ingram up to the syndicated Stephanie Miller at 8 a.m. We still have engineers installing K-1 and K-2 tones for our national show tonight.” His Devil’s Advocate show goes live at 2 and national from 3-5.

Crute, who wears the liberal label very proudly, says the station will be more progressive-leaning. The station lineup will include Bill Press, Miller, and Thom Hartman. As radio executives know, liberal radio has been tried many times, and has never really caught on, as conservative talk radio has. We spoke to Crute about his new station and how he plans to make it work.

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